This site represents Management Agency. Management is a boutique management firm representing young talent. We represent artist in music, film and modeling. The announce meant we like to discuss is the new business partnership between the new owners. We would like to announce that MGNT has a new creative director. The new creative director has a background in art. Has done various art works. And is well known in her field.

The second announce is for the new location. The new location will be in sunny California. Our Malibu locations sits on 10 square feet of land with a beautiful view of the pacific ocean. The space will be utilized for office work but it is a artsy industrial space. We welcome all to come visit the new location to celebrate 10 years of business. The third announcement is for the fashion show that will introduce the public to our new young talent. There will be music and light refreshment for all. New and former talents will be at the event.